Two Disney bloggers say they received death threats after live-streaming their return to the theme park.

Tonya Blakey is known as the “Crazy Disney Lady” on YouTube. This weekend she and her sidekick, Robin DePauolo, livestreamed Disney’s reopening.

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While dining at a Disney restaurant, Robin says she had an allergic reaction.

“Alright well, I’m taking her to medical for a Benadryl,” Blakey said during the stream.

DePauolo is allergic to tree nuts and says she tasted a dessert, unaware it contained cashew oil.

The live-stream shows the women heading to a first aid station where DePaulo ultimately grew more ill.

Later that night, they resumed the live-stream saying DePaulo was now fine and back at the park but describing the scare.

“She was violently vomiting, like she was super sick y’all,” Blakey said.

Saturday, a Twitter user edited clips from their live-stream and posted it with a tweet that said: “These streamers are at Disney ..visited first aid last night for cough, shortness of breath, and severe vomiting, and were back in Magic Kingdom today complaining of sore throats.”

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The women say that tweet sparked threats and attacks from people who believed they had gone to Disney with coronavirus symptoms.

In an interview with WESH 2 News, the women wanted to set the record straight:

“They were making it out as if we had COVID-19 and we were both sick and we were walking around Disney World, and that is all a lie,” Blakey.

Blakey hopes her fans believe she would never put others at risk.

“My YouTube channel is all about positivity and my love for Disney and we never wanted all this negativity to come our way,” Blakey said.