Off the ‘heels’ of the Selfie Stick Ban in 2015; Disney World is starting a pilot program that would discourage guests from entering with a single or double wide strollers that don’t have specific safety features. Over the year of 2018, customer service has received numerous complaints and First Aid has worked tiresome hours to mend injured ankles and feet of guests.

Disney has added to their guest policy guide that “All infant and toddler strollers including EMV ( electronic mobile vehicles) be equipped with audible horns. Guests traveling down Main Street USA have little warning as eager tourists travel too close together and clip the tender skin right above their shoe line.

Furthermore any strollers entering all 4 parks in Florida can be valet checked for $15/per day and kept at the front entrance. You will be issued a stroller slip for confirmation that you are the owner of the property.

These policies are going to be put in place in the coming months park by park to allow staff training and evaluate guest responses.

We’re being told that if a guest is in need of a stroller or wheel chair for a disability; a complimentary electric horn will be given out for the duration of the day.

Guests with these are urged to use them whenever they are approaching a larger group of people so they can be audible heard and other guests will not get injured by their chair.

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