Friday, October 7, 2022

Disney World finishes makeover of Polynesian Village Resort

Inspired by Disney’s hit animated film “Moana,” the Polynesian Village Resort received a makeover in preparation for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary event.

Renovated rooms will open to guests in late July 2021, but booking has already begun.

Details like a new color palette and artwork from the movie have been incorporated into the design.

Each room has received all-new fixtures and furnishing for a completely refreshed and modern look.

The entrance to the resort is also receiving a makeover.

The Great Ceremonial House will now have a new entryway featuring an open-truss roof and new chandeliers. The monorail station located above the entrance is also under construction to have wooden screens installed that give the area a more tropical vibe.

The resort opened in 1971 alongside Magic Kingdom and has received renovations through the years. Walt Disney World has been gearing up for the 50th anniversary celebration this October with multiple renovations around the resort including the new castle color palette that debuted last year and newly designed entrances welcoming guests driving onto the resort.

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The Polynesian Village Resort is one of more than 30 hotels that are part of the Walt Disney World Resort, and it is in the Deluxe Resort category. There are eight Disney hotels in this grouping, and they are characterized by their above-average amenities – all with their own unique theming.

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