Prepare to delve a little deeper, Disney theme park aficionados. On Friday, Walt Disney World published further details about its new paid line-skipping system, which would add about $40 to the price of daily park admission, which now ranges from $109 to $159 for adults depending on the day. The system will be unveiled on October 19th.

The Disney Genie app.
The Disney Genie app.Credit…Disney Parks

Long lineups to board rides are the most common visitor complaint at Disney World, and for decades, Disney provided a complimentary Fast Pass to alleviate the strain. In August, Disney announced that Fast Pass will be permanently discontinued in its domestic parks, and that guests would be charged for the pleasure of skipping lines.

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All ticket purchasers will now enjoy free access to Disney Genie, a smart new software. It works similarly to your car’s GPS, building an itinerary based on your choices — trips, shows, restaurants — and updating it when conditions change (rain, what’s crowded and what isn’t, unplanned diversions for turkey legs). Disney World, a 40-square-mile Florida megaresort with four separately ticketed theme parks, can be difficult to traverse, and Disney understands that if visitors find the experience less intimidating, they will spend more time and money there.

Disney Genie+ offers Lightning Lane access to most of the most popular attractions at $15 per person. Classics like as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Splash Mountain are among them. However, two of each park’s biggest rides will be cut out of that package; to bypass the queue, guests will have to pay à la carte costs, which may vary. Lightning Lane access to the Expedition Everest roller coaster, for example, will set you back $7 per person, while the same privilege at the high-tech Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction would set you back $15.

Theme parks are dominated by Disney, but most operators have been tapping into this cash source for years. Universal Orlando’s line-skipping passes cost between $70 and $90, while Dollywood’s cost $49.

Some fans took to social media to express there disappointment:

They are not needed and not used at any other theme parks any more!
Going to Disneyland and Walt Disney World should be fun and without the stress and worry that you might not even get in…and that’s after you already bought a ticket or an annual pass! And it should be spontaneous sometimes without micro-planning everything!

Not a fan for this at Disney World where FastPass+ was FREE before and no silly money-grab upcharge for some premium attractions!

First you take away Magical Express for resort hotel guests, then implement nonsense reservations that NO OTHER THEME PARKS ARE STILL DOING and now “PAY EXTRA!” For was at one time free!   Sad……

Continually disappointed in the changes being made that turn complimentary services into cash flow. Harmonious sings of there being no more greed and yet that’s all Genie+ looks like. We are avid Disney goers and honestly regret having purchased our tickets this past spring for our next trip. Disney was set apart from the “other” parks and now they’re falling in line. Our happy place is hurting and it’s breaking our hearts.

Disappointed in an up charge for what used to set Disney apart from other theme parks and be complimentary. I’ve been tracking Genie+ since it was announced and I get more and more frustrated. Disney was special and magical and it still holds some of that but it’s quickly turning to greed. Ironic that the Harmonious chorus mentions how greed has no place. Disney is our happy place and yet we are only filled with anxiety thinking about all these changes while also paying more for baseline tickets. I can’t imagine this is truly consumer driven unless they only polled the rich.

I’m sorry, but these prices are far too much. It’s such a downgrade in magic from the free FastPass system.

I am so upset…I just booked our trip and now I am so sad that I won’t be riding all my favorites because I’m not paying extra for what should be free😫 Thanks for stealing the Magic Disney 😭

The pricing for a family is crazy! $50-$75 for my family to ride one ride!!!!

Others were more understanding…

I think these changes were imminent. When a union demands a minimum wage & gets it (which is 33% higher than they previously paid for wages,) it always effects the consumer. Also, just like everybody else, inflation ia effecting Disney–just like the rest of us. I think these new ways of keeping everybody happy, including employees, is a decent decision.


Only like 2 rides at each park have the price per ride….40 attractions are included in the $15 per day.


Change is hard, even when it’s announced weeks ahead of time. Keep in mind folks, this announcement doesn’t prohibit you from riding rides, nor does it change the amount of people in the park. It’s adding an option for people to pay for fast passes. If you can’t, don’t, or won’t, you will still ride multiple rides each day and the free Geenie service will help you optimize your schedule.


What are your thought on the new system? Tell us below….

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