Disney World Is Tearing Down a Classic Attraction This Week

Fans are saying goodbye to a piece of Disney history.

Disney is known for its ability to update and expand its parks to reflect new films and trends. However, this constant state of improvement means fan-favorite attractions sometimes have to make way for the new and improved ones.

This week, Disney fans said goodbye to DisneyQuest, a five-floor, interactive indoor attraction that has been open in Disney Springs (previously Downtown Disney) since 1998. Visitors took to social media to share images of the massive building’s demolition as it gets ripped to shreds in the middle of Disney’s “downtown” shopping area.

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As was announced in the summer of 2015, DisneyQuest is being done away with to make room for the new NBA Experience in Disney Springs. Disney says the experience will be a “one-of-a-kind destination featuring hands-on activities that put families and guests of all ages right in the middle of NBA game action.”

Although DisneyQuest was never one of the park’s most popular attractions, it was a nostalgic fan favorite that many parkgoers are sad to see disappear.

Described as an indoor virtual theme park, DisneyQuest featured virtual versions of many of Disney’s classic rides, like the Jungle Cruise and Cyberspace Mountain, as well as hundreds of interactive games. Disney intended to open more versions of the attraction in cities around the country as a way to bring the Disney park experience to more fans, but the concept never took off, spawning only a short-lived stint in Chicago.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, however, pieces of Disney Quest will live on after its demolition. Disney plans to donate some of the contents to charity, and move pieces to other areas of the Disney parks or archive them with Walt Disney World Imagineering. Additionally, company workers had the opportunity to bid online for more than 100 of the games taken out of DisneyQuest.

Last week, Disney also shared a first look at the NBA Experience, which will open on the west side of Disney Springs in summer 2019.

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The replacement marks just one of the new features coming to Disney World, with a Toy Story expansion and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge set to open in the next few years.