It’s rumored that Jedi knights get their high connection to the force because of all the sushi they eat. You too can be a Jedi if you eat enough sushi while using these lightsaber chopsticks… well, probably not – but they are pretty cool chopsticks!

Slice and dice your way through a delicious sushi meal like a noble Jedi with these lightsaber chopsticks. Styled like Luke’s iconic green lightsaber, these pair of chopsticks feature intricately designed hilts and internal LEDs that give it a cool green glow while you eat.

Eat like a noble Jedi Knight by using the Force to slice and dice through rolls of sushi with the light up lightsaber chopsticks. Each chopstick set is styled to look like two miniature lightsabers you can actually light up at will – just like a real Jedi Knight or Sith Lord.


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