Fans of EPCOT are sad that the unique soundtrack that used to play in particular places of the park is no longer available. EPCOT scrapped the unique soundtracks that played outside of the now-closed Innoventions area and the area outside of The Land pavilion earlier this week, removing various audio loops in the “World Nature” part of the park. The sound loops were replaced by a fresh blend of melodies that welcomed spectators into the park last year. While earlier music loops had been existing for decades and contained unique compositions and music, the new music loop uses licensed music that has been carefully chosen to “set the stage for exploration, celebration, and discovery.”

The music loops gave ambience and backdrop to the innumerable memories formed at EPCOT throughout the years, even if they were not a necessary aspect of the park on their own. On one level, it’s understandable that some of the old music loops would be removed – Innoventions is no longer in operation – but it’s still another modification to the park that many people believe is needless. Many Disney fans consider the Innoventions song loop to be one of the most iconic in the parks, thus many are speaking out against the modifications.

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EPCOT is undergoing a significant overhaul that has drastically altered much of the park’s front half. Aside from the new music loop, the area surrounding Spaceship Earth is being renovated and divided into three unique sections. Two new rides are expected to debut at EPCOT in the near future, with a new Guardians of the Galaxy-themed roller coaster set to debut this summer and a Moana-themed ride in the works. While World Showcase will remain mainly untouched, the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride debuted on October 1st in the France pavilion. EPCOT also debuted Creations, a new signature store, as well as a redesigned version of Club Cool. At the park, a new restaurant, Space 220, has recently opened. Hundreds of LED lights have been put in the trademark Spaceship Earth to enable for various light shows. In addition to the usual fireworks and light displays, the park is presenting a spectacular evening entertainment with big barges and fountains.

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