In a video that goes viral in the worst manner, Olaf from “Frozen” is pushed down at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

The majority of Walt Disney World videos that go viral feature heartwarming interactions with Disney characters or purposely funny interactions with Cast Members. However, as one unhappy person who accidentally knocked Olaf the F out learned, things may go awry and your Disney World video could become viral for the wrong reasons.

A famous TikTok video of a family getting a photo with Olaf the Snowman at Disney’s Hollywood Studios shows one of the many Frozen-themed activities offered at Walt Disney World.
When everyone has left, the man kisses Olaf on his carrot-shaped nose, causing Olaf to tumble to the ground. Although it is clear that this was a tragic accident, it makes a scene. Check it out…

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Although Olaf appears to have been pushed in the video, a closer look shows that this was not the case. By kissing Olaf on the point of his carrot nose, the guy attempts to be compassionate, but everything goes horribly wrong. He leans too heavily on it, which confuses Olaf. The kisser is most likely in severe discomfort. Olaf, on the other hand, loves getting cuddled up. Never once has he asked to be kissed.

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To be honest, despite the fact that many Disney World character clothing look to be uncomfortable, Olaf appears to be particularly difficult to maneuver in. That must be tough to walk about in it because there is so much clothes and it is such an unusual shape. The fact that the cast member does not get up after falling confirms this. As they descend, they remain completely motionless. He seems more like a Toy Story figure than a Frozen character because of the way he falls and appears to be motionless.

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