Fans are talking over the likelihood of a “Lightyear” attraction makeover coming to Disneyland’s future Tomorrowland peak, according to a slew of subtle yet clear signs scattered across the park’s futuristic Tomorrowland peak.

A new Buzz Lightyear “face character” that appears like the photo-realistic version of the Space Ranger hero in the new Pixar “Lightyear” film, which debuted on June 17, has been posing for photographs with tourists in the Anaheim theme park’s Tomorrowland.

Previous temporary attraction overlays on Space Mountain have been themed to Star Wars (Hyperspace Mountain) and Halloween (Ghost Galaxy). Disneyland has previously used teaser advertising, most notably with the reintroduction of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

The new “Lightyear” film prominently includes a Space Ranger launch port in the characteristic shape of Space Mountain.

A Buzz Lightyear meet-and-greet site in the Space Mountain queue associated with the release of “Lightyear” has a picture background featuring the film’s mountainous spaceport and the XL-15 hyperspeed spacecraft operated by Space Rangers.

The meet-and-greet background and floor stickers leading to the Buzz Lightyear photo op spot also include a new Space Ranger emblem with a winged rocket overlaid on a triangular launch port image.

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A permanent transformation of Disneyland’s famous Space Mountain façade into a 1970s image of the future has long been theorized about and would not be unprecedented.

Tokyo Disneyland revealed in April that Space Mountain would close in 2024 to allow for a $400 million revamp of the attraction, which would have a façade with neon blue undulating curves. The redesigned rollercoaster is scheduled to return in 2027.

Unlike other Disney attractions, Space Mountain has a rather brief storyline with no famous characters or moments. A vague plot has riders boarding a space station on their way to a rocket journey to the farthest regions of space. The voyage into infinity goes via a magnificent spiral nebula, a spinning solar field, and a geodesic laser satellite. is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.

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