According to some live tweets and Reddit the land was evacuated yesterday due to a fire.

We were riding “Living with the land”, we had gotten on the ride and during the first transition into the greenhouses all the lights suddenly shoot on. The ride dies the narrator cuts out we smell smoke as we cross into the greenhouse. We see plumes of smoke coming out of these metal panels on the floor near the base of the river. I assume this is the generator that propels the boat forward. The ride continues on like nothing had happened while everyone on the bpat with us was talking about what they has just seen. Once we exited the ride, we noticed that people were being escorted out of the building. They were about to shut down the whole land pavilion. Cast members then proceeded to make announcements they were evacuating everyone out from the pavilion including from “Soarin” , all the people eating inside of “Garden Grill” and “Seasons”. Most cast members had no clue as to what happened just told to evacuate the building this was all pretty scary. The pavilion opened up about 2 hours later. Still not sure what caused all this but must have been serious.

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