10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

50 years ago, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room first opened to the public. While Disneyland was already entertaining guests with top quality attractions, the Tiki Room was unlike anything seen before.

The show was a technological marvel of its time, using then state-of-the-art computers to create characters that talked, moved and even breathed in a lifelike way. Five decades and countless performances later, we’re taking a look at 10 fascinating facts about the place where the birds sing and the flowers croon.

12It Was the First Attraction to Use Audio-Animatronics


Earlier Disney attractions featured characters that could wave their arms, turn their heads or perform other simple movements. But The Enchanted Tiki Room featured the first use of true audio-animatronics. The birds, flowers, and statues of the Tiki Room perform a series of complex movements throughout the show, all in synch with the soundtrack.