Figaro Fries Recipe
Pinocchio’s Village Haus
Fantasyland – Disney World

Real boys and girls can feast on Italian favorites at this quaint cottage: flatbread pizzas, meatball subs, macaroni and cheese, Mediterranean salad and more. Finish your meal with gelato, yogurt, chocolate cake and iced coffee or other beverages.


2 Strips of Bacon, or more 🙂
1 Cup Cheddar Cheese
1/2 Cup Tomatoes, diced
Frozen French Fries
Frying Oil


1. Cook 2 pieces of bacon until crispy. Cool and break into small pieces.

2. Prepare oil for French Fries. Cook to you preference and drain.

3. Melt your favorite cheese in a small pan or you can microwave until melted. Be careful not to burn.

4. Add cubed tomatoes and shredded lettuce. Place on top of fries.


Place French fries.
Top with melted cheese.
Top with crumble bacon bits.
Add cubed tomatoes and shredded lettuce.
Drizzle with Ranch Dressing

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