Petition asks Disney to keep Trump speech out of Hall of Presidents

It’s happening, whether some people like it or not: Donald Trump is coming to the Hall of Presidents attraction at Walt Disney World.

After Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, many Disney fans speculated that his animatronic would be added to the Magic Kingdom attraction. Disney confirmed those suspicious when it announced shortly after, that the attraction would close in January for refurbishment.

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Including the new Commander-in-Chief has become something of a tradition after every presidential election cycle. Former President Barack Obama was added in 2009, George W. Bush in 2001 and Bill Clinton in 1993.

However, some people are unhappy with the planned addition of Trump. Many of them have called on Disney to either close the attraction permanently or not add him at all. Some have even started petitions in hopes of getting Disney to change its mind.

A New York man has started a petition asking Disney to “stop the inevitable Donald Trump animatronic figure from speaking.”

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Since 1993, the animatronic of the sitting U.S. president has delivered a speech. Bill Clinton became the first president to provide his voice. George W. Bush and Obama followed suit and recorded their voices for the show.

Disney has yet to announce how Trump will be included in the attraction.

The Hall of Presidents is scheduled to reopen in late June.