Netflix has swooped in and snatched up a Disney series to reboot from the beginning. Can the streaming giant succeed where Disney failed?

Netflix wants to teach Disney the way to interpret Narnia’s Chronicles to the big screen.

Since they purchased rights to The Chronicles of Narnia’s popular series of C.S. Lewis in 2018, progress has remained relatively silent. So far. So far.

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Netflix is the first business to be entitled to the right to series simultaneously. And while the project has been postponed with many delays, supporters may rest easily, knowing that Netflix will start to boost production in the following several years.

Where Will the Series Start?

Netflix has previously declared that their remake is not linked to previous films, including Disney’s 3 films which conclude with The Dawn Treader’s journey.

This raises the question of how Netflix will begin the series. Because of fan dispute over how to read the books, there are two possibilities where the story begins with Netflix.

The first is to adapt to the past and begin with the Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe. This is the first novel to be released, which takes us into the realm of Narnia and follows the Pevensie siblings.

The second option is to follow and begin with The Magician’s Nephew, as my personal choice. Fans would thereby witness how Narnia came to live, and how the famous lampstand came to land in the center of a forest.

In a podcast on YouTube NarniaWeb addressed this probable beginnings. They also spoke about how Netflix will adjust to more individuals who think they would go darker than Anne with an E.

Who’s Attached to the Reboot?

Although no casting messages are available yet, some individuals are already connected to the reboot.

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Mark Gordon is the lead producer and has shown the possibility of adapting novels to a TV series and several feature pictures. Also an executive producer is Vincent Sieber.

C.S. Douglas Gresham is also a managing manufacturer. Lewis’ stepson But he stated he did not have much understanding in January 2020 about the manufacturing process.

In 2019, the creative architect was Coco’s co-author Matthew Aldrich. He utilizes his children presently as beta-readers for his ideas, deleting what they don’t like and adding what they do to fit best to their family.

When Will the New ‘Narnia’ Be Released?

No date of release is certain. It might only be expected by earlier enthusiasts by the end of 2022, but only if manufacturing started in the fall of 2021.

Scott Stuber, Netflix director, said Narnia was one of the projects to premiere “beyond 2021.” “Back in the New York Times,” he said. That means it will not be published this year, but we may hear news about it.

What Are Fans Hoping For?

Fans went to social media after the news to voice their hopes and worries about the change.

Hopefully the prequel will be covered as several adjustments have not been made to Narnia. There are only three lectures on BBC, CBBC, and BBC Two in the 2000s and two plays by The Magician’s Nephew.

Fans also hope it draws more from classical mythology than Disney films. Some others even remarked that they wanted to see Greek armor.

Some fans begged to modify to keep their symbolism, but they didn’t get too “preached.” The writings of Lewis have originated from Christian doctrines and his personal beliefs and many hope that adaption does not include a harsh hand.

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Another hope is that this adaptation would explore Narnia’s universe further. In Disney films, while we saw a good part of the planet, fans want to see more. You wish to study the subject more thoroughly.

There have even been fans who have brought members of the Disney cast back, although not in their original roles, to the adaption. I’d be glad to hear Liam Neeson again like Aslan for one.

How do you expect to see in the relaunch of Netflix?

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