Has Stitch’s Great Escape closed for good?

Stitch’s Great Escape at Disney’s Magic Kingdom forever closed its doors on Jan. 6. At least, that’s the consensus in the Twitterverse.

Dozens of people shared their final farewells to the attraction on social media — some positive, some not so much.

But Disney never issued an official statement about a closure, which led some to wonder whether it really was the end for Stitch.

On Tuesday, a Disney spokesperson told Spectrum News 13 that Stitch is still seasonal and that it would reopen. The spokesperson would not provide a specific date.

For the past few years, the attraction has opened and closed periodically depending on the time of year. At times, it even operates as a character meet-and-greet location.

The change sparked speculation that Stitch was headed for the chopping block.

Anything could happen in the future, but, for now, according to Disney, Stitch is still a seasonal attraction.

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