This gifted artist transforms Disney Princesses into Star Wars characters. You have to see it!

Ralph Sevelius is a freelance artist and illustrator in Miami, Florida, who defines himself as a “geek in sheep’s clothes.” His art has been creating waves on social media and the Internet in general for well over 15 years, and it’s clear why: he’s a fantastic illustrator!

You can be sure that seeing his artwork is a great delight, whether he’s making original works or being inspired to produce mind-blowing fan art! When Disney purchased Lucas Films and took over the Star Wars property, he knew he wanted to combine the two universes into one art series, and he did!

The end product was fantastic, with Disney Princesses dressed as Star Wars characters.

9Bounty Hunter Mulan

“I thought the whole Leia/Boushh thing from Retun was appropriate for Mulan’s deal with her duality in service to China.”