Video that has surfaced on social media appears to show a Walt Disney World monorail traveling with its doors open.

An Instagram user who asked WESH 2 News not to be identified posted the video on Saturday. The person said the video was also filmed on Saturday.

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A second video posted by the woman shows the door open as the monorail arrives at the Epcot station.

The woman who posted the video to Instagram told WESH 2 News she was riding Monorail Red to Epcot.

I need a drink. @disney, guys, you gotta get on this, what if somebody had fallen?

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“The passengers in the car were all adults with the exception of two young children riding on parents’ laps. Several of the people in the car took charge, reminding everyone that we were unharmed and that if nobody moved and we were calm we would reach the station safely,” the woman said.

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The woman told WESH 2 News that everyone on the train remained calm. She said a Disney employee noticed that the door was open as the train arrived at the Epcot station.

“As we left the station, I heard an announcement that the train was returning to the yard and not to board it,” she said.