A fight broke out between passengers on one of Disney World Resort’s ferries in Orlando. This is in addition to a second event that took place yesterday at the Magic Kingdom.

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Fight On A Ferry

A brawl broke out among departing guests at Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom, putting them in a perilous scenario. While nothing is known about the origins of the fights, it appears that they occurred between people who were unfamiliar with one another. Here’s the video for you to decide for yourself.

While there isn’t enough film previous to the occurrence to draw any conclusions regarding the cause or who might be to blame, it appears that some onlookers were unintentionally embroiled in the skirmish.

WDWNT which carried the video and story indicated that cast members and security guards had quelled the incident. The fact that it occurred on the short ride from the theme park to the parking center is surprising, though due to COVID-19 restrictions and exit limitations, leaving the parks has frustrated many at Walt Disney World.

Separate Security Incident

In an entirely separate matter, a different boat was involved in an incident.

“According to social media posts, a suspicious person forced guests to evacuate from Tom Sawyer Island earlier this evening. The incident happened at around 5:40 PM. The person was allegedly wearing camouflage and carrying a hatchet.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office logged a suspicious person call at 5:48 PM. The address provided was on Caribbean Way, which would place the incident at the Magic Kingdom.”

According to purported witnesses on Disney Annual Passholder Facebook groups, the “hatchet” was a prop the perpetrator obtained and wielded. Some suggested he was threatening to kill guests, but most found the disturbance to not be a credible threat.

Not Just Airplanes Any More

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People fighting at Disney Parks is nothing new like this one above at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or at Universal Orlando (just last week) but doesn’t get as much coverage as airports and airplanes lately. It is disturbing how common and frequent confrontations of this nature have become in public situations.


While the facts of the Disney World brawl are unknown, I’m not surprised to see it. 
pondered whether to share the post because the specifics were few, and don’t believe we need another instance like this to investigate, but hopefully awareness and frustration will help drive change and improved security.
What are your thoughts? 
What is triggering these violent outbursts?
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