Walt Disney World Resorts to Start Using Bluetooth on Magic Bands

The Walt Disney Company is always finding new ways to make a guest’s stay at Resorts more convenient by expanding their technology.

The latest unconfirmed rumor states that Walt Disney World Resorts will soon be adding the ability to use Bluetooth on their Magic bands so the guests can walk up to their room and just open the door without tapping their magic band.

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This technology has been around for awhile and you’re all probably wondering why now? Well their Magic band system isn’t cheap and it takes lots of planning to make sure nothing fails. The first resort to get this new add-on is the Polynesian Resort.

All the doors inside the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian already have the ability for Bluetooth but have not yet been activated. This will all change within the next two weeks. Guests will have easier access to their rooms without the touch of Magic.

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We will have more information on this new upgrade next week! Stay tuned!