Opening at Disneyland this summer and Disney’s Hollywood Studios this fall, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will incorporate a level of all-ages game play that’s never been seen before.

Disney’s Imagineers put five years into modeling parts of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge after real-world bazaars — taking inspiration from the marketplaces of Istanbul and Marrakech — but the one thing that’ll make it all feel real is inside your smartphone.

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Play Disney Parks debuted last summer in conjunction with Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land, but had much more up its sleeve than giving families a way to pass the time while waiting in line for Slinky Dog Dash or waiting to catch a glimpse at Tinker Bell outside Peter Pan’s Flight. Here, the secondary Disney app — which must be downloaded separately from My Disney Experience or Disneyland Resort apps — expands upon that mission to cater to those craving a deep-dive within the intricacies of this Star Wars land.

Play Disney Parks still operates within queues, offering a choice of joining the First Order or Resistance and interacting with objects and holographic screens within waiting areas of the implausibly detailed Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride. The technology goes a step further on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, which remembers your flight crew’s performance and — which has been promised with few details on execution — helps build a “reputation” that will follow you throughout the Star Wars land.

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Elsewhere, the Disney app functions as a grouping of themed games and experiences. One option, which operates like Google Translate in space, gives insight into the robust alien languages scrawled on walls and printed on signs within this Outer Rim territory, while another interacts with droids, providing a glimpse into their memory banks. (We’re told Wi-Fi coverage at Disneyland, which currently has limited accessibility via hotspots, will be expanded to support this endeavor.)

Play out your dreams of sympathizing with the Rebels or dipping a toe into the Dark Side by altering surveillance devices, or check out the jobs board, where tasks lead guests to collect digital artifacts. Wondering why you’d pay for Disney tickets only to work for free? Same, but from the looks of it, the experience is pure immersion rife for video game and VR fans, letting guests truly live out their own narrative within the otherworldly land. And, with themed outfits for sale, Star Destroyer sets built to cinematic scale and personalized droids waiting to be customized, it’s just another part of making Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge seem like the real thing.

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