Disney Parks and Snap (the parent company of Snapchat) announced a new partnership that will allow people to take selfies with virtual Disney characters and decorations.

  • The new partnership allows guests to use the My Disney Experience app to take photos that include augmented reality technology.
  • Disney Parks said in a blog post: “Mickey and Minnie will be right beside you in Snapchat with their playful expressions and gestures. They can even give you a hug!”
    The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Lenses can be accessed through the Snapchat app once you’re at Walt Disney World. This is only available at Disney World, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

However, you can also try out the new selfies at your home until June 3. So that’s a cool little development.

Why this matters for Disney World

According to CNN Business, this is a big move for Disney World. The park was closed for half a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, Disney is looking to rework its parks to consider the future. Adding augmented reality is one step in that direction.

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“How do we take these really rich, deep stories and environments and do more with them? We don’t want to be constrained just by the physical brick and mortar,” Gary Daniels, vice president of Disney’s digital experience, told CNN Business. “We just have so many tools in our toolbox now. When you look at things like (AR), we’re going to be able to just connect and engage guests in very different, incremental ways.”

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