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Animal Kingdom Africa

Enter the continent of Africa through the incredibly authentic village of Harambe


Kilimanjaro Safaris  
   Pangani Forest Exploration Trail
   Wildlife Express to Conservation Station

When crossing the bridge from Safari Village/Discovery Island into Harambe Village there are remnants of an old fort left in the concrete. Follow them to the right and at a small metal manhole type cover there are pebble in the shape of his ears.

Fun Facts:
   To create the 110-acre Serengeti, Imagineers moved 1.5 million cubic yards of earth and planted some 2.3 million exotic plants.

   There is only one live "baobab" tree in Harambe. It stands outside the Tusker House restaurant. The way you can tell it is real is because the trunk is painted white. There are no live "baobabs" on the safari. Most of the safari baobabs have surveillence cameras in them.

Disney developed climate-controlled rocks for the big cats, who generally want to go lie in the shade where they can't be seen by guests, so that the lions will want to sit on these rocks, in full view of all who pass by.



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